Dalfa Side-Panel Facade System

The Dalfa panel system is a versatile and dependable solution for covering the exterior surface of any building, regardless of its shape or form. The system offers the flexibility to incorporate a range of panel types, including simple, perforated, and curved, and allows for horizontal and vertical panel connections.

What sets this system apart is its adaptability to different coatings, including the complete RAL color spectrum. The system also allows for concealing the facade connection system (screws) and customization of the framing (flushing system). These features provide a unique level of flexibility to the product.

Product benefits:

  • High flexibility and variety in surface profile and color
  • Flexibility in dimensions and sizes of panels
  • Flexibility in how to connect panels (types of flushing, simple or patterned surfaces)
  • Ease and speed of installation and implementation
  • 25-year warranty of Dena company
  • Light weight system
  • Optimal acoustic characteristics
  • Very low flammability
  • Eco-friendly product
  • System-specific flushing design
  • Unique thermal and moisture insulation

Technical specifications:

Color spectrum

رنگهای نمای دالفا از انواع PVDF و پلی استر می باشند.


General system diagram

System components

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