Dalfa sinusoidal view system

The Dalfa sinusoidal facade system offers remarkable flexibility with its ability to be implemented both horizontally and vertically, and its compatibility with a wide range of materials, surfaces, colors, and coatings. This unique system is cost-effective and adaptable, making it ideal for a variety of applications. The system utilizes sinusoidal sheets of various dimensions, specifications, and materials as a surface cover. Overall, the Dalfa sinusoidal facade system is a flexible and practical solution that can be customized to meet various design requirements.

Product benefits:



  • High flexibility and variety in material
  • Surface profile and color
  • Applicable horizontally and vertically
  • Ease of installation and implementation
  • Lower cost compared to other products
  • Fast installation
  • 25-year warranty of Dalfa company
  • Light weight system
  • Optimal acoustic characteristics
  • Very low flammability
  • Environmentally friendly product

System-specific flashing design

Technical specifications:

Color spectrum


General system diagram

System components

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