Trapezoidal sheet 16.6

Product Overview:


Roofs and external walls are constantly exposed to wind and different weather conditions, so they must be designed to withstand these conditions, if not, after a few years, reconstruction and repair will be needed.


Among the advantages of Dalfa trapezoidal sheet, the following can be mentioned:


  • Light weight compared to other coatings
  • Long life compared to other coatings
  • Very high sealing
  • Ease and very high speed of installation
  • Having a wide range of accessories
  • Ability to produce in a variety of colors



The Dalfa trapezoidal sheet offers a versatile, lightweight, and long-lasting solution for both external roofs and walls. Whether used in residential building repairs and renovations or for covering secondary buildings, stables, sheds, and vehicle cabins, these sheets provide excellent durability and flexibility. Compared to heavy roofs and walls, the unique advantage of metal roofs and walls is their lightweight construction.

The Dalfa trapezoidal sheets have been tested over time and proven to offer superior performance and weather resistance. Their lightweight nature and range of accessories make roof restoration a simpler process. Additionally, these sheets are not only durable and of high quality, but also visually appealing.

Another benefit of the Dalfa trapezoidal sheets is that they are resistant to moss formation and algae contamination, ensuring a clean and long-lasting finish.

It’s worth noting that the Dalfa trapezoidal sheets are available in two types with different step and distance options, providing design flexibility for a variety of projects.

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