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Dena Innovative Aluminum Façade Co. (Dalfa) has provided a lot of freedom of action for designers. Our company knows that each project is a unique challenge ….

DALZIP roof system is composed of three sections: space system, insolation layers, and DALZIP profile. This system (standing seams roof) uses pvdf or polyester sheet with outer cover layer …

Flashings are thin and impenetrable structures that are used to protect from entering and leaking water inside the building and guiding water in joints and crossing of walls with the roof  …

Dalfa at a glance

With the rapid pace of technological advancement and the constant evolution of various aspects of life, modern construction methods require optimization, standardization, and revision to meet the demands of designers and project performance. In line with this, Pamir Leading Industries Company has officially launched its independent venture under the DALFA brand since the beginning of 2022, building on its long-standing partnership with Dena group (Dena Innovative Aluminum Façade Co.). Together with reputable international companies, Dalfa conducts continuous research and monitoring of the production process and quality, utilizing state-of-the-art devices, to design and manufacture various types of Standing Seam System roof coverings under the DALZIP brand, as well as two-sided facades and Rain Screen Systems with all related accessories and finishes as comprehensive construction packages. These products, which are environmentally friendly, are characterized by their lightweight, high installation speed, wide range of colors, shapes, and dimensions, ease of maintenance, and durability. They cater to different price ranges, providing architects and employers with diverse design options and minimal restrictions to meet the unique requirements of their projects.

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Various products

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Get to know Dalfa services

Take a look at the variety of Dalfa products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

Supply, supervision and design of metal roofs

Dena innovative aluminum facade company (Dalfa) is known for its commitment to quality raw materials and strong partnerships with reliable suppliers. This allows Dalfa to offer a diverse and extensive color spectrum in its products. One of the key features of Dalfa’s facade system is its flexible substructure system …

Design and production of metal facades

Dena innovative aluminum facade company (Dalfa) empowers designers with unparalleled freedom in the realm of facades. Recognizing that each project presents a distinct challenge, our company excels in designing facades that seamlessly integrate into corners and…

Roof and facade maintenance services

Dena innovative aluminum facade company (Dalfa) takes pride in its remarkable track record of successfully completing over three hundred thousand square meters of roof and facade coverings across Iran and neighboring countries. With a decade of experience since its inception, Dalfa has established a strong presence in the region, delivering exceptional results in every project undertaken.

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