Sinusoidal sheet 7.5/1.65

Sinusoidal sheets are a versatile option for both traditional and modern building projects, suitable for use as facades and roofs. This type of cross-section can be applied horizontally or vertically and used in various settings, including offices, industrial buildings, parking lot fencing, and livestock structures. Sinusoidal sheets can also be easily combined with wood, glass, and stone for both decorative and functional purposes.

Thanks to their ease of installation and high installation speed, these sheets can be used throughout the entire building. Additionally, they can be easily bent for even more convenient installation. By incorporating sinusoidal sheets into the design, an attractive and adaptable look can be achieved, greatly enhancing the visual appeal of the facade and roof.


The advantages of the product


  • Can be used on the roof and facade
  • Can be used vertically and horizontally
  • Can be used and mounted on steel frames
  • Easy installation and overlap between two sheets
  • It has light weight and therefore no damage during an earthquake
  • Ability to produce in a variety of colors

Technical Specifications

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