Building gutter

Building gutter

Steel, steel is used as one of the most important raw materials in various industries and there are various steel products available in the market. One of the widely used steel products are profiles that are used in various buildings. One of the types of profile is Abru profile building, which is made of high quality steel due to the material of Abru. This profile is designed with an English U shape and the application of Abro is mainly in areas with wet and rainy weather. In these areas, the roof of the building is easily transferred from the roof to the ground level by using the roof profile and prevents damage. Due to the use of Abro in areas with wet and rainy weather, the Abro building project is one of the most important steel products available in the market, and in the construction industry, it is used as one of the building components due to the type of Abro.

What is a reputation profile?
The use of Abro profile in buildings and structures is very common, and due to the use of Abro, which is used to make windows, doors, frames, and even to increase the strength of the foundation, it is very high. Despite the fact that snowfall can cause serious damage to buildings and structures, it is very important to use high-quality and resistant building profiles. The U-shaped structure of the Abro profile allows water to easily flow from the roof to the ground and reach the interior, preventing hazards such as waterlogging and damage to the building. According to the application of Abru, the use of profiles can improve this work from water on the roofs.

Application of reputation profile
The application of Abru profile is very diverse and can be used in many environments and structures. This profile, as one of the components of the building as well as metal products, can be produced in different shapes and sizes. Using the profile of the building to collect and direct rainwater is one of its important applications. This profile can be used for water flow control, connection on roof sandwich panels, use in gable roofs, etc., production of wooden doors and MDF, use in product environments such as chicken, house and cattle, as well as in parking and roof parking.

The water profile building is produced with alternative materials of steel, equipment and steel and can be used as one of the important components of buildings due to its features such as resistance to water and humidity, resistance to temperature and weather conditions.

Types of reputation profiles
The production of building reputation profile is done in different ways, each of which has its own characteristics and applications. Abro building profile is produced in various types of boxes, London, round, hidden and wicks. Each of these models can be used for different applications, including rainwater flow control and water collection at different levels of buildings, parking lots, poultry farms, and greenhouses. In the following, we introduce two types of the most practical reputation projects.

London reputation profile
Abro London profile is one of the most used models in the market, which includes a thickness of 0.4 mm and a length of 3 meters. However, to cover larger ceilings, London profiles are cut and joined together. Most of the gutter profiles on the market are of the London type and are usually built in areas that are exposed to outside weather. However, one of its disadvantages is corrosion and wear in the long term. Due to the weakness of steel and iron against moisture and water, the profile of the London reputation is galvanized to increase resistance; But still in the long run, breakdowns and damages happen.

The profile of Abru boxes
Profile Abro boxes are produced with various uses and applications. Although its appearance is more beautiful than the London projects; But this profile is used in the construction of gable roofs of restaurants and structures. This profile is more than 0.4 mm and is recommended for use in high temperature environments and areas with harsh weather conditions due to its greater resistance to corrosion.

This profile is used in the construction of all kinds of sheds, industrial and production units, hospital buildings and health houses. Also, in the direction of areas with heavy rainfall, it is gabled for water in the roof, and for this reason, the roof of the north-sloped houses. Water conduction in sloping roofs is higher than other roofs due to the slope.

Production of reputation profile and the type of sheets used
To produce the profile of the building, galvanized sheets are used, which are converted into steel sheets using the galvanization or “coating” method. Galvanized sheets are more resistant to moisture and water, which increases the durability of Abru profiles. Abro profiles are made on one side and two sides based on their application and deal with a lot of liquids. In addition, some of these profiles are made of higher quality sheets that are more resistant to moisture and corrosion; Therefore, the use of high-quality galvanized sheets in the production of building profiles increases the resistance and strength of these products against moisture and corrosion.


According to the material of Abro and the application of Abro, this profile is made of various types of galvanized sheets and by using this technology, the resistance of steel products against moisture and corrosion can be increased. In this context, Dalfa company works in the direction of providing solutions to improve the strength of steel structures by producing and supplying various types of building profiles. Using its experience and technical knowledge, Dalfa Company has been able to provide the best possible quality in the production of Abro profile and is recognized as one of the most reliable suppliers of Abro profiles in the construction industry.

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