Metal roof Systems

The DALZIP roof system comprises three parts: the spacer system, insulation layers, and the DALZIP profile. The outer shell of this system (standing seam sheet) is covered with PVDF or polyester coating. This system’s distinctive feature is its high flexibility, allowing it to cover roofs with complex shapes or steep slopes, resulting in maximum beauty.
Advantages of the system:
1. High flexibility for covering steeply sloping roofs.
2. Ability to cover curved roofs.
3. Easy implementation and fast installation.
4. Lightweight system.
5. Distinctive acoustic features.
6. 10-year warranty from the Dena company.
7. Non-flammable.
8. System-specific flashings.
9. Harmony with the environment.
10. Recyclability.
11. Suitable substrate for implementing a green roof on the final cover.

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