Dampa sheet 15.5/1.5

Product Overview:

The combination of suitable functionality and beautiful design is the most significant advantage of this sheet. Designers can use it in various places such as the ceilings and on walls, thanks to the high flexibility of this sheet. In our country, it is mostly used for villa and sloping roofs, but recently, designers have started using it in the frontal doors, entrances, parking ceilings, cinema halls, container walls, swimming pool ceilings, etc. This type of sheet can also be used in ceilings where elements such as lighting, cooling and heating, and air conditioning are important. This sheet is available in both aluminum and galvanized materials, and its design is inspired by wooden planks. It can be suspended from the ceiling to conceal facilities or ventilation systems.

The advantages of the product


  • Flexibility in designing and covering surfaces
  • Quick and efficient installation with few accessories
  • Ability to be disassembled for inspection and inspection of connections
  • Low weight compared to other coating levels
  • Ability to produce in a variety of colors

Technical Specifications

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